Addio PlayOff .


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  • Prima vittoria sui Rittner Buam dalla stagione che però non è sufficiente a livello di classifica per sperare di tener viva la speranza di accedere ai playoff , in quanto i Broncos Sterzing Vipiteno contemporaneamente vincono il match casalingo contro il Kac Klagenfurt 2 e conquistano l’ultima piazza disponibile per i quarti di finale.
  • ….le parole del coach Drew Omicioli  :”Tonight I thought we played a great hockey game overall. Once again our top three of Brace, Torquato, and Kolanos put together a stellar performance being involved in 4 of the 5 goals. I was also very impressed with the young line of Barnabo, DeZanna, and Zanatta. Over the past two games these young guys have proven they are going to be an incredible asset to the organization for the future. As always we had another great performance from Marco in the net and Manning and Michael Zanatta were steady on the backend and contributed a combined 3 points with Michael grabbing the eventual game winner. This year has brought us ups and downs to the maximum, but our guys are still fighting and poured their hearts on the ice tonight in front of our home fans. I am proud of the effort tonight, but obviously as a team we are disappointed with the fact that we are in 9th place and will not have an opportunity for the playoffs this season. We still have 1 game remaining and for us we want nothing more to end on a win and to hit 20 wins once again for the second year in a row. I thank the fans for their support throughout the season and I truly hope that they will be their again on Saturday to appreciate the fight and battle these guys have endured throughout this season for one final game. We are a team and we are SGC all together and we will finish this season with our heads held high”